5 Classic Free C Books You must read

C is the language that i think we all learn at some point and we, as being a programmer know what it is and what it can.
C is most longer living Programming language on earth,  It's the language that powers most of the modern programming language such as Java, Python, C++ etc...

I don't think i must describe C as a Programming language so lets be on topic,
Here are 5 Classic Free C Books that you must read even you are not gonna type any C code in future..

1. Foundations of Computer Science - C Ed:

Al Aho and Jeff 

This book has been taken out of print by W. H. Freeman.
Actually its a C version of ground breaking book of Foundation of Computer Science by its original Authors.

2.  Functional C

Pieter Hartel, Henk Muller

C of course is not a Functional Language at all it known as its structural style of programming which is some what being criticized in the community. This book will teach you how you can apply Functional style of  programming in C.

3. Object-Oriented Programming with ANSI-C

Axel-Tobias Schreiner

No programming technique solves all problems.
No programming language produces only correct results.
No programmer should start each project from scratch.
And no Programming paradigm is perfect OOP approach is something that tries to make your life easier and some how it success. Languages like C++ or Java are the Examples of this paradigm in Action. but unlike those language C is not a Object Oriented language but it does not mean it can not be program in that universe and this is what this book teach you.

4. C Programming in Linux

David Haskins

C was actually design to work on Unix. and all *nix like operating system are driven from this. and Linux is most popular one of them. C is the natural choice on Linux and this book will teach how you can make use of that..

5. The C Library Reference Guide

Eric Huss

This book is like a Reference as the title says which take you dive into language.

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